Alverstoke Traders Association formed in 2015. The aims of the association are to help  local businesses, the community and to raise the awareness of what Alverstoke Village has to offer.

We believe in promoting local businesses to local residents and to encourage people visiting the surrounding areas to spend some time in our village.  Although the association has been running for only a short time we already have 16 local businesses who are committed to the aims of the association and supporting each other.

The district and village of Alverstoke sits West, Northwest and immediately south of Stoke Lake, from South west of Haslar Road, Clayhall Road West side – towards Alverstoke Green, south to Crescent Road, west to Stokes Bay Road and up to the south side of Bury Road. Alverstoke Borders Map.

Several of Palmerston’s Follies are sited within the parish, including Fort Gilkicker, a 19th-century coastal battery fort, which is located at the eastern end of Stokes Bay, where it sits across a wide curved natural headland (promontory) taken up by Gosport & Stokes Bay Golf Club. To the east is Fort Monckton.